Employee of the Month.
Take a moment to read a little about our teammember Jón Baldursson.

We began to ask Jón what was his greatest achivement in the field of sports ?
In 1991 I became world champion in bridge and won the famous Bermuda Bowl.

What is your team in sports ?
Þróttur is my team. Thanks to Fram who only stole the good players.
Who will win the Champions League in your opinion Jón ?
Chelsea defends the title, no question.

What do you do at Icelandair Cargo and how long have you been working here ?
I am a Finance Project Manager. I
Joined Icelandair 28 years ago.

Wife, 2 sons, one step daughter, 2 prospective in-laws, 3 grandchildren, and even more on the way.

Well mister World Champion - what are your hobbies ?
Bridge and golf.

From what part of the country are you Jón ?
Born and raised in Reykjavík, but my family is from the west coast of Iceland. I lived for 15 years in Hafnarfjörður but returned to Reykjavík last year.

The best movie and favorite actor
Sting is the best film and actor Paul Newman.

What were you going to be when you grew up ?
Quota King (my dad was a fisherman).

Enjoy every moment and be a little different than all the others.

Dream holiday
Go to the National Festival at Vestmann Icelands here in Iceland. Then sail from there in a big Cruise liner to Europe that would take me directly to the spectators bench at the Ryder Cup.

Name one memorable incident from work
The Hermes nightmare that lasted from 29.08.2004 to 29.01.2005