Our annual golf tournament was hosted on Friday 28. August at the wonderful golfcourse in Korpulfsstadir. We are very pleased with the attendance this year like the past years and want to thank everybody for a wonderful time.

Here are some photos from the event, enjoy!

Icelandair Cargo Golf tournamenticelandair cargo flags

Golf tournament Icelandair CargoIcecargo Golf


Icelandair Cargo golf tournamentIcelandair Cargo Golf tournament


Icelandair cargo golf tournamentIcelandair Cargo Golf tournament



Icelandair Cargo GolfIcecargo 2015

icelanair cargo golf tournament 2015icelandair Cargo golf

icelandar cargo golf tournamenticelandair Cargo



icelandair cargo golf tournament 2015icelandair cargo Golf

Icelandair Cargo GolfIcelandair Cargo golf tournament 2015Icecargo 2015

icecargo 2015Icelandair Cargo Golf



Iceandair Cargo Golf tournament 2015Golf tournament 2015


Icelandair Cargo golf tournament 2015icelandair cargo golf tournament 2015

icelandair cargo golf tournament 2015Golf tournament