Good health makes you stronger, better nourished, less stressed and more comfortable in your body and mind.

Yesterday Icelandair Cargo offered fresh fruits to everyone at Icelandair headquarters, Keflavik Airport and all the Icelandair Crews who were flying out that day.

It was a support for „Hraust í Haust“ campaign which encouraged Icelandair employees to exercise, eat healthy and attend different lectures that were open while the 2 week campaign was held. The appreciation on the employee’s faces when we drove a wagon full of fruits to each desk was great and many asked if we could do this every week.

We could have sent the fruits in ships 2 weeks ago, but today fresh fruits should not be a luxury item, they are a part of out daily consumption pattern. We want fresh fruits and vegetables, simply because freshness tastes juicies, looks better and is more nutritios.

 Eat healthy, live healthy!


Because time flies