Conditions of Contract and limit of liability are accordingf to IATA rules and regulations.

Click on the link for General Service Terms of Icelandair Cargo [Icelandair Cargo Service Terms]

Click on the link for Conditions of Contract  [IATA Resolution 600B]

International rules and time limits on claims are on reverse side of the Air Waybill. The shipper´s attention is referred to the notice concerning carrier´s limitation of liability of 22 SDR per kilogram of each shipment or the package concerned. Recommendation to shippers is to insure their shipments bearing this in mind. Icelandair Cargo reserve the right to deny acceptance of a shipment for transport which is not packed in accordance with the content and to deny any claim on damages due to insufficient packing or lack of markings.

Time limits on claims

Every complaint or claims must be made in writing within the following time limits:

  • 14 days for damages to cargo
  • 21 days for delays in transportation
  • 120 days for loss of shipment

The following documents and information must be enclosed with the claim

  • Copy of the Air Waybill
  • Copy of the invoice with reference to the amount of the cargo concerned
  • Description of the extent of damage and weight of the cargo or content concerned
  • When and to whom the complaint was originally reported
  • Claim amount
  • Bank information
  • Credit note or revised invoice
  • Packing list

Here you can file a preliminary cargo claim to Icelandair Cargo: Claims