Icelandair Cargo operates a Cargo Terminal at Keflavik International Airport  The facilities are 5,500 m2 in total, including a new precooling section of 1,000 m2.   The new precooling system produces an air stream which allows the ambient air of the refrigerated warehouse to be circulated through the pallets. This means that the cool air reaches the interior areas of the pallets in the shortest possible time. This process greatly reduces the cooling down period. The accelerated cooling slows down the ripening and thus increases the possible storage period of perishables.

Icelandair Cargo offers all general cargo warehousing services including:

• Warehousing
• Cargo processing
• Palletization / build-up and breakdown  
• Cargo documentation
• Liaison with customs  
• Issuing of airway bills
• Freezing and cooling facilities for perishables
• Dangerous Goods (DGR), Live Animals (AVI) and Valuables (VAL) services