Domestic and Greenland

Icelandair Cargo sells cargo for domestic flights within Iceland and on flights to from Greenland.  The domestic and Greenland network is operated by Icelandair.

Pick up and Delivery

Icelandair Cargo Domestic offer pick-up and delivery services within Iceland.   All you have to do is to contact us to arrange for pick-up and delivery.   cargodomestic(hja)

Frozen or perishables to final destination

Icelandair Cargo domestic has freezer and coolers in the domestic terminal suitable for transport of fresh food, flowers and other delicate items.   In addition to the flight services we offer road transport to neighboring towns.

Storage of cargo

Icelandair Cargo domestic offer warehouse services for storage of cargo.  Further information : cargodomestic(hja)

Import of pets/live animals to and from Iceland to Greenland

It is not allowed to transport any animals from Greenland to Reykjavik Airport Iceland.  The only allowed airport for animal transportation is Keflavik.

Rates and Prices

Domestic Offices


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