Cargo terminal at Reykjavik Airport:

All shipments have to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure of flight from Reykjavík Airport

Open weekdays  from 07:00-18:00
Tel : +354   570 3400
Fax: +354   570 3450

email: [email protected]

Offices within Iceland:

Akureyri, Egilsstadir, Vestmannaeyjar and Isafjordur - cargo is serviced while open.

Icelandair Cargo domestic sells cargo service for all Icelandair domestic destinations.  We also use buses and trucks to connect the smaller towns.

Bus schedule:

From Ísafjordur
Bus after mornig after evening flights.  Aprox 15 min driving time. 
From Egilsstadir
Reyðarfjörður - Eskifjörður - Neskaupstaður - Seyðisfjörður
Buses after morningflights Mon-Sat.  Also for afternoon flights mon-Fri. 

Buses after morning flight Mon-Fri. . 

From Akureyri
Direct flight operated bu Norland Air to Grímsey, Þórshöfn og Vopnafjörður.
To ensure shipment can be delivered within the same day at Þórshöfn or Vopnafjörður it needs to be delivered to Air Icelandic Domestic before 07:30 

From Reykjavík

Direct flight to Bildudalur and Gjogur.