Icelandair Cargo has decades of experience with animal shipping and transfer. We make every effort to ensure the safety and well-being of every animal whilst in transit.

Icelandair Cargo offers a fast and secure animal shipping service to almost every Icelandair destination. Shipping to other destinations is also a possibility with other carriers

Strict rules govern the transport and shipping of live animals. It is therefore important to ensure that all papers, documents, type and size of cage are in compliance with IATA Live Animals regulations

Icelandair Cargo sales handles pricing and booking from Iceland, while foreign carriers handle pricing and booking to Iceland

In the case of import to Iceland, the sender must contact a freight forwarder/pet agent  at the point of departure


From Keflavik to Europe

Weight of animal and cratesTransport cost to airport
0-15 kg ISK 76.500,-
16-30 kg ISK 93.800,-
31-50 kg ISK 117.000,-
51 kg + ISK 129.000,-

Please note in Great Britain possible destinations are London Heathrow - LHR, London Gatwick - LGW. Glasgow - GLA og Manchester - MAN

Transport from Europe and from USA

Quotes, export documentation and flight bookings are handled by pet agents in the country the animal is flying from.

 Please find IATA qualified pet agents here:

From Keflavik to USA and Canada

Weight of animal and cratesTransport cost to airport
0-15 kg ISK 87.500,-
16-30 kg ISK 108.900,-
31-50 kg ISK 130.000,-
51 kg + ISK 147.000,-

At final destination there is always a custom clearance procedure and a service fee to pay. The cost is different between airports. Information about the procedure and cost is available at the warehouse (handling) at the airport Warehouses and Airports.

If destination is in the UK, please contact our sales department for more information.

e-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

phone: +354 50 50 435

  • It is very important to purchase the correct size and strength of cage for your pet to travel in
  • Puppies or kittens of the same litter that are younger than 6 months old, may travel together in the same cage (maximum 3 puppies / kittens)
  • Two animals of the same species may travel together in a cage if they are familiar with each other and if their combined weight is not more than 14 kg
  • Icelandair does not transport animals younger than 8 weeks old

Find the right size for a crate

The outcome below will show the required minimum size of crate
Fill out the boxes below in cm or inc



  • Deliver your pet to Keflavik airport 4 hours before the departure of the flight
  • Put all documents in an envelope/ It is the shippers responsibility to make sure that the right health documents are enclosed.
  • Write the airwaybill number AWB 108-XXXX XXXX (which will be available to you at the time of the booking), on the envelope, along with the name and telephone number of the consignee.
  • Feed your pet only a light meal and water before delivering it to the carrier


Reception Keflavik airport: Icelandair cargo, ph: +354 50 50 549


Take a right turn just before arriving to the airport hotel at Keflavik airport, at a yellow sign ,,Cargo area‘‘. Drive this road until you‘ll see the Icelandair Cargo building.